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Firearms Training Specialist LLC. is a company comprised of individuals from the, military and law enforcement industries and was built from the ground up to support the security Industry through education and training. With more than 40 years combined industry experience, Firearm Training Specialist LLC. strives to impart the practical knowledge, tactical capability and an invaluable sense of responsibility to provide for more secure clients. Firearm Training Specialist LLC. is the recognized leader in Online and classroom security training and offers NRA Basic Pistol Training, Basic Rifle Training, LE Pistol Shot Gun and Range Safety Officer. Firearms Training Specialist LLC. is now offering PAS Act 235 Training.


Timothy D. Nease (CEO)

CAPT Timothy D. Nease Sr. has worked in the maritime industry for 23 year and in the maritime security sector for the last three years, teaching ISPS Code and MTSA to officers all around the world.  CAPT Nease has led instruction in many different but relevant venues to include:

- CSO, SSO/VSO, and PFSO/FSO Instructor for Maine Maritime Academy certified through Lloyds Registry

- Defense Tactics Instructor (DTI)

- CSO, SSO/VSO, and PFSO/FSO Instructor for Maine Maritime Academy certified through Lloyd's Registry

- High Speed Combat / Tactical Security Response Boat Instructor

- CPI Crisis Intervention Instructor

- CPR, 1st Aid, AED Instructor

- MDEA Scuba Instructor

- Martial Arts Instructor (3rd degree black belt)

- NRA Firearms Instructor

- DARE Instructor (National DARE Instructor of the Year)

- NRA basic hand gun and rifle course Instructor


 CAPT Nease has been in the Law enforcement and security field for the last 25 years, achieving the rank of Chief of Police.  He is thoroughly trained in tactical security training, to include defense tactics and arrest procedures, SWAT training, Sniper training, and VIP protection.


 CAPT Nease has run a multitude of vessels inland and ocean, charter and private, and is licensed with the USCG Merchant Marine as a Captain (100GT).



Lt. Ryan Mechtel (COO)


Professional Achievements

Appointed Chief Operations Officer of IMSN in May of 2013

Assumed role as Director of Force Protection in October of 2006

Ryan Mechtel started his career in security in 2000 when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps. During his service, Ryan completed advanced crew served weapons courses and advanced position security courses.  After two deployments and 4 years of service he was honorably discharged. At that time he came home and assisted his partners in the development of IMSN. He currently serves as a manager for IMSN and Director of Security. Ryan’s most recent accomplishment is getting IMSN certified through Military Sea-lift Command to teach MSC crew and personnel security courses to include Small Arms Course.


Certifications held:


-Dept of US Navy Military Sea-lift Command Senior Instructor

 -Small Arms Course

 -Basic WatchStander

 -Advanced WatchStander

 -Ships Reaction Force

-Company/Vessel Security Officer Instructor

-Port Facility Security Officer Instructor

-MDEA Scuba Master Diver

-Hazardous Material Technician

-NRA Pistol/Rifle Instructor

-NRA Range Safety Officer

-NRA Law Enforcement Instructor

-Defensive Tactics Instructor

-Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Training Instructor

- US Marine Corps OC Instructor

-Firefighter Basic

-First Aid/CPR/ AED

-EMT-B (expired)


US Marine Corps – 2000-2004

Rank Achieved –Corporal

Position –2001-2003 Artillery Cannon Crewman – Ammunition Team Chief

 2003-2004 – Security Specialist



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