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ACT 235


The Lethal Weapons Training Act 235 provides certification to privately employed agents to carry a lethal weapon. A lethal weapon is any firearm, device, instrument, material, or any other substance that is capable of bringing about great bodily harm or death. The Lethal Weapons Training Act incorporates education and training as part of being a certified agent.



Lethal Weapons Certification Procedures



Basic Applicant Requirements for Act 235 Certification


The Pennsylvania State Police station forwards to Lethal Weapons Department the



1. Completed Basic Application for Agent Certification (SP 8- 200)

- If a waiver of training is requested, the applicant must have the waiver section on the application completed


2. Money Order, Certified Check, or Cashier’s Check for $77.50 payable to “The Commonwealth of PA”. (No others are accepted)


3. Fingerprints – Live Scan OR Hard Copies

- Hard copies must include one Green and White PSP card and one Blue and White FBI card



4. Completed Physical Evaluation (SP8-200A)

- Detach the physical and psychological evaluation forms


5. Completed Psychological Evaluation (SP8-200B)

- The Physician and Psychologist must forward the appropriate form to the Lethal weapons department within 15 days of completing the evaluation


Photos are NOT required unless the applicant lives out of state


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