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FAST Center is proud to offer the best Active Shooter / Active Terrorist Shooter training, and certifications to houses of worship across the USA.  We have a unique training system in place that allows us to build CUSTOM TAILORED training, drills & exercises, built specifically for your Church, no matter how big or small.


Our new tactical movements can be applied when your team is unarmed or using Non-Lethal, Less lethal or firearms


Here is what we offer:


1. For a limited time only, we are offering a FREE! On-site safety and security survey at your place of warship

2. We, acting as your 3rd Party Due Diligence we provide to you and your insurance company;

a. Auditing & Consulting

b. Experienced & professional, MATRIX driven assessments that are once again tailored to your place of worship

3. Assist your TEAM in completing your own written Safety & Security plan using the weaknesses and security measures found while doing your threat MATRIX assessment.  We will help you build the proper drills and exercises, you will need to keep the plan a living breathing document.

4. Firearms Training and certification for you teams, and the specific tasks that the teams are engaged in.  Medical or security.

5. We will use our blended Computer Based training platform, as well as us coming to you for the hands-on training, or you may wish to come to us at FAST Center.  At FAST Center we have 200 acres of wilderness and training areas.  Some churches after seeing our facility have setup team building weekends for their youth and marriage counseling groups.



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