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F.A.S.T Center

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F.A.S.T. Center is proud to roll out our Active Shooter Survival training. We offer unarmed survival courses for the Corp environment as well as an Armed Response course. All designed to help you survive an Active Shooter situation, From Work to School to your House of Worship F.A.S.T. is ready to get you home safely.



F.A.S.T is a multi-faceted training center, with Firearms Training  at our core.  We firmly believe that learning the basics, and not starting with poor safety habits will not only keep you safe, but let you make a drilled reaction to a threat instead of a knee jerk reaction.


F.A.S.T has the best, and fully certified firearms instructors in all disciples we offer.  Their certifications run from NRA to the Dept. of Defense. Our instructors  have jointly written courses from their background experience, not what they have read  to deliver training to the individual who needs to defend themselves and their families.


F.A.S.T offers real world state of the art training that will teach you how to respond to a single  threat or multiple threats, on a range that allows you to draw, move, and engage multiple targets.


F.A.S.T offers the following courses. Some course may require a prerequisite course. If you do not see the course listed you need please call.





Basic Pistol        $   125.00

Basic Rifle        $   125.00

Basic Shotgun       $   125.00

Firearms for  Home defense      $ 155.95

Civilian Tactical AR-15 Defense      $ 245.95

Range Safety Officer (RSO)     $ 125.00

Active Shooter (Group and Corp rates available upon request) $ 225.00

Active Terrorist Shooter      $125.00

Advanced Shooter pistol and or Rifle    $150.00

Firearm Awareness (2 hours) (NO Shooting)   $  39.99




Firearms Live Fire Range Price Guide


Range Time

1 person 30 min - $12

1 person 1 hour - $20



Ear Plugs - $1

Safety Glasses - $6



Ammo will be sold on site. See store for prices




Ear Plugs and Safety Glass must be worn at all times on the range.

All Day is from 9am-5pm




All activities are conducted outside. Firearms are often used in inclement situations including rain or snow. No refunds for inclement weather. Unless deem unsafe.

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