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Firearms Training Specialist LLC. is a company comprised of individuals from the, military and law enforcement industries and was built from the ground up to support the security Industry through education and training. With more than 40 years combined industry experience, Firearm Training Specialist LLC. strives to impart the practical knowledge, tactical capability and an invaluable sense of responsibility to provide for more secure clients.


Firearms Training Specialist LLC was founded by the individuals that formed International Maritime Security Network (IMSN) now defunct. The industry standard in maritime security. View the promo video here


Firearm Training Specialist LLC. is the recognized leader in Online and classroom security training and offers NRA Basic Pistol Training, Basic Rifle Training, LE Pistol Shot Gun and Range Safety Officer. Firearms Training Specialist LLC. is now offering PAS Act 235 Training.


Firearms Training Specialist LLC. offers the most comprehensive and effective Active Shooter Shooter training for individuals, Houses of Worship and Churches, Maritime Operations, and Schools Systems. From unarmed options to fully trained safety teams, Firearms Training Specialist LLC. offers the best training available. Utilizing state of the art Computer Based Training (CBT) in conjunction with real world hands on training. Firearms Training Specialist LLC. has  the most flexible options for training.

F.A.S.T Center  is based in Graysville, PA

Specializing in PA Act 235 and NRA Firearms Training.

F.A.S.T. is proud to offer the required ACT 235 training. Please note you must meet certain requirements to be able to take the training see requirements here



FAST Center  is an alcohol free site

Statement from the CEO


FAST Center Concepts of learning is simple.  We believe you have to crawl before you can walk and the "K.I.S.S."method.   By following this easy systematic method you will not only be safe with your tools, and enjoy the use of them, but most of all be able to keep you skill-set polished and effective.


We start from the basics and the practical.  We teach first the fundamentals of firearms from the beginning  and laws of ownership, with an  understanding how both the ammunition  and weapon work together, focusing on SAFETY first !


In order to use your weapon in a fight situation you must become fluid in fire arms safety and operation, knowing that "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast"  Most people think "I most be fast" when in reality you need to be accurate with their shots.  It is very important that  you also remember that these skills are perishable, and must be drilled and refreshed on a continuing basis.


FAST Systems has a different concept  on how you should train.  We believe that there are sport shooters, hunters, self defense, and Law Enforcement. Each with their unique needs. We can train for  area applies to your needs.




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