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F.A.S.T.  offers classes for all  skill levels from new gun owner to tactical self defense. At F.A.S.T.  we understand the need to grow your skills as your needs change. From unarmed self defense to full tactical  response readiness we offer something for every skill level.  From hunter safety to self defense to armed security guard we can handle your training needs. We offer the newest and state of the art training at F.A.S.T. . Offering our blended CBT ( computer based training ) approach, we allow you to take the course work from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This allows you to spend as much time with the material as needed. Meaning when you arrive on site you are ready for the practical portion of the training. No one else offers this type of training. See some of the courses we offer listed below. If you don't see the course you want please feel free to contact us here with the course you are needing.



Some of  the courses offered   Basics to Advanced Tactical are:


1  NRA basic Pistol

2. NRA basic rifle

3. FTS Hand to Hand with a firearm

4. Unarmed civilian Active Shooter defense

5. Armed civilian Active Shooter & Active Terrorist Shooter

6. Rile to pistol transition training

7.  FTS Women's self defense

     - Counter sexual assault (unarmed)

     - Home firearms defense

8. NRA and FTS Law Enforcement certifications

      - Yearly up dates

      - The street fight from your patrol vehicle

      - Long range rifle

      - TAZER

9.  Private Armed Security certifications

      - PA Act 235 certification

      - ASP and Baton Certification

      - TAZER certification

      - Edged weapon certification

      - Pepper Spray certification


The F.A.S.T. Wilderness Survival Training

Designed to give you the skills necessary to survive in any Wilderness situation. Whether you find yourself  in the wilderness by choice or through some accident you need the skills to survive. FTS offers the best survival training in the US.


1. Basic survival

2. Scenario based survival training and certification

3. Team training for survival




All F.A.S.T.  certified courses are written by NRA instructors. FTS is proud to be  one of the national leaders with  our blended  CBT ( Computer based Training) / hands on practical training for  certifications. Making our courses some of the best in the country for firearms training. FTS does not teach what we have read, we teach what we have learned.


By using our blended approach students are able to take the classroom portion of the training at their own pace. This  allows them to repeat modules if needed, so that they understand the material throughly before the practical training portion. Students can take the CBT portion from the comfort of their own home or office. Using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones or from a Mac or Windows computer.







All activities are conducted outside. Firearms are often used in all situations including rain or snow. No refunds for inclement weather.

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