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F.A.S.T Center is proud of our Wilderness Survival training and 191 acre  wooded training location that we use to sharpen the skills we teach.  Being prepared for exposure to the wilderness is necessary and can also be a fun activity . You may have no experience  being  a survivalist or you may be a seasoned pro, FTS Center has what you need! From the basic Stranded motorist training to the ultimate test of you survival skills FTS is the place for your training needs.


F.A.S.T uses a state of the art CBT ( Computer Based Training) lecture course that you can take from the comfort and privacy of  your own  home, allowing you to take each module at your own pace and repeat sections as needed. Once you feel you have a through understanding of the material you will then come to the FTS Center for the practical part of your survival  training experience.


Ages 12 and up (As long as they are with an adult  over 18 years of age) are welcome at the center.

You will learn land Navigation , Fire Starting , Cold Weather Survival and much ,much more.


F.A.S.T Center Wilderness training is a great place to hold your next Team building exercise or Bachelor party. Our Team Building survival adventures and training will build Teamwork and can help with  an individual  self-confidence.



Call to schedule your next team building experience!




Wilderness Survival courses and offerings


Wilderness Fundamentals course #1


 Price: $195.00

 This course is 2 days, one night with a group and an instructor

. Course covers


Core skills

Shelter building

Fire Building

Collection, packing and storing of water in the wild

 Food and processing it

Equipment cache


Tent optional

Camel pack or canteen

Long knife (Fixed) and a folding knife

Metal cup or mass kit

Needed personal Medications and small emergency kit

10’x 12’


CBT advance survival training #2


Price: $295.00

Blended course Computer Based Training, and concludes with hands on training with Instructor

Requires 3 days / 2 Nights with an instructor

The instructor will be in base camp for skills training though out the two-day course

Students will preform skills and sleep the wilderness


One day / Four-hour Skill Building Courses


Price per class: $75 -$125

Snare building

Land Navigation


Primitive on your own camping

Price $25








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